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December 18, 2021


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Haglund I love reading your reviews! Thank you for taking the time to share them. Especially since I'm in Los Angeles and have to enjoy NYCB through you. Also-thank you to the diligent employees of the New York City Ballet from the dancers and management to the costumers, orchestra, and crew for being responsible and taking the necessary precautions to keep the show on its feet. Thank you to everyone who has been vaccinated, boostered, and diligently wears their masks properly.

Thank you Elizabeth. I hope you have been able to find some good Nutcrackers in the LA area.

In many respects, NYCB is in much better shape to keep the show on the stage than any Broadway production. There are probably 50 women who know the SPF and Dewdrop by heart and would trip over themselves and each other to get to the stage to dance them. (Picture that.) So those roles are no problem. However, if the guy who drives Marie's bed in the snow scene gets sick or the operator of the Christmas Tree tests positive, then everything could get a little iffy. Nobody wants amateurs sprinkling the snow on the Snowflakes either. Just imagine what could go wrong with that. "Let's dump on that tall one who pissed me off yesterday."

Fingers crossed that the company makes it through all performances. I'm buying tickets like there's no tomorrow.

New York seems to be faring better than London, where the Royal Opera House has just closed until early January. All remaining NUTCRACKERS cancelled. 😢

Go, NYCB, go! Make it to the finish line!

We were just "treated" to Ratmansky's ABT Nutcracker here in Orange County CA. First time I've been back in the theater for a live performance in 2 years. Segerstom theater did a fine job of checking vaccination status and mandating masks. The kids on stage were also masked for the performance.It was the usual Ratmansky extravaganza, hopping, skipping,jumping, pratfalls, every variation required a joke. Evening was saved by Boyleston and Whiteside who were excellent. Looking forward to streaming classic NYC Nutcracker on Marquee.

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