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December 10, 2021


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I think MJ the musical, West Side Story the remake, Sex and the City remake reboot re-whatever are all the result of someone's very terrible idea. Like CATS the musical, remember that one? You probably didn't see it, nobody did.

CATS the movie. Not the musical. (correction)


Oh gosh nooooo!!!! Go see MJ the Musical and the WSS remake before lumping them in with the embarrassing Sex and the City reboot. I didn't see the Cats movie because I could hardly watch the trailer.

I'm beyond excited about seeing Hugh Jackman on stage in the revival/remake of The Music Man in a couple of weeks.

The WSS story movie is glorious and stands on its own. Spielberg and Kushner have deepened the story contextually by making the demolition sort of a character as well. The camerawork is extraordinary. Musically it is wonderful and I think Mike Faist and Rita Moreno are shoo-ins for Oscars. (My only quibble is that there was no elevated train in the neighborhood in the fifties.)

I was wondering about the elevated train, too.

Mike Faist was indeed very good -- the most Mercutio of Riffs.

Dear Haglund: I am not surprised about your review of David Alvarez. As you know, he was trained at the JKO School under Raymond Lukens and Franco DiVita. And he won a Tony Award for “Billy Elliot” on Broadway. I can’t wait to see this new West Side Story, and will see it on Tuesday.

MoMo, you're going to enjoy WSS. Stop back and tell us what you thought of it.

Dear Haglund: I saw West Side Story today. I don’t have enough words to praise it! I never thought the 1961 movie could be surpassed. Steven Spielberg has done a masterful job with this classic. Justin Peck’s choreography is outstanding and pays homage to the Jerome Robbins original. The acting is outstanding. All four leads nail the roles. The singing is beyond great. Kudos to the Queen Rita Moreno for making Valentina so heartbreaking. She is a National Treasure. I cannot praise it enough. I know I will see it again. ( Special praise to Mike Faist as Riff and David Alvarez as Bernardo. Absolutely stunning). And lastly, Rachel Zegler brings beauty, and a stunning voice to Maria. A new star. And unlike some critics, I thought Ansel Elgort brought the right feelings to Tony. Five stars! ❤️👏

Thanks for the review, MoMo.

I just read that Rachel Zegler will be Snow White in an upcoming Disney film adaptation of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - live action, not animation. Fairly perfect casting.

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