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December 22, 2021


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I went to the Magic Flute on Tuesday and had a blast! I was fortunate enough to watch two Nutcrackers this season, but I would have liked a third. To be honest, it seems like the Met has taken covid way more seriously than NYCB. You can only eat in certain areas at the opera, unlike the free for all at the Koch, and maybe I don't follow the opera as religiously on social media, but we see NYCB dancers and artistic staff hanging out mask-less at the theater and away from it all the time. That said, it's still impressive the Met has been able to continue this week. Hoping for Nutcracker to resume and for the Met to stay healthy!

Would it be impractical for the theaters to forgo the concession revenue for a while? People should not be gathering in a crowd on the Promenade at the Koch Theater as they have been during Nutcracker. I realize that the drinks bring in a lot of money, but...

I hope that you did not have tickets to one of the cancelled "Music Man" performances this weekend, Haglund. I saw it Thursday, and am curious to hear your thoughts.

Hi, SF.

My tickets were for tonight which has now been cancelled. They cancelled tonight's and tomorrow's matinee, but supposedly are going to resume Sunday night. I hopped online and found some Sunday night aisle seats that had been turned back in for the same price that I originally paid when I bought tickets last spring. So, we'll give this another try.

Good luck with tomorrow, Haglund! I have a feeling that they needed the time for extra rehearsals with the covers, understudies and swings. All four adult swings were in the show on Thursday, including one who performed as Marion because Sutton Foster has covid. It seems that the show went on by the skin of its teeth! I think Broadway really needs this show right now.

Fingers crossed that the show goes on in River City. Need me some Shipoopi!!

I saw the clip where Hugh Jackman explained that most all of the performers learn TEN roles. The understudy, when she showed up for work at NOON, could have played any of EIGHT roles. It so happened to be the leading lady. Bravo to Broadway!!!

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