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December 28, 2021


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Unfortunately Haglund, Hugh Jackman just announced that he has covid. Performances for "Music Man" are cancelled through January 1st. I'm glad that you were able to see it on Sunday. Yikes!


It looks like Hugh Jackman won't be back until at least 1/6. Telecharge notes on all performances through 1/5 that he will not be performing.

And as I was considering getting a ticket to see Jackman's cover, Max Clayton, perform, Clayton announces that he tested positive and will also be out until 1/6. There's only one understudy left - Sean Montgomery. He stepped in as Constable Locke on Sunday night. I may give this a try!

I believe that we’re all cooked for the foreseeable future. Omicron is supposed to peak in the US the 3rd week of January 2022. Let’s be boosted, stay safe in our homes watching our vids/DVDs, and save our money for better times.

Wishing all a Happy New Year!!! 🥳🎊 🎉

Happy New Year, Jeannette!

Here's hoping that 2022 brings some spectacular Mariinsky casting for Jewels in April!

$35 ticket lottery for MJ:


See this show, People -- one way or the other!

As long as we're recommending shows, check out "Kimberly Akimbo" at the Atlantic Theater Company. Absolutely delightful. (It shows up on TDF.)

NYCB just canceled the 18-27 January performances as well citing, reasonably, the inability of the dancers to get together and rehearse the ballets.

Yeah, I saw. Not convinced of their reasoning. The Met Opera sings on by using understudies and other imaginative solutions. They test every person three times per week and don't allow anyone with a sniffle to enter the workplace even if they've tested negative.

I wouldn't call all the Met substitutions understudies - for the main roles, they typically have covers who can be as skilled and experienced as the singers they are replacing. I give the house enormous credit for how they've managed to soldier on. I've been there a few times and it's been a thrill - the quality is there and the audiences have been consistent in their adherence to protocol.

True about the covers, understudies and swings. As much as I have been thrilled with Hugh Jackman in Music Man, every time I see understudy Sean Montgomery in the ensemble, I think about how I would also like to see him as Harold Hill. Jackman addressed the audience one night to salute the covers, understudies, and swings as the bedrock of Broadway. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkbsPYgjs_o The Met could probably do the same thing. NYCB should be able to as well, but seems a little timid these days.

The Met institution may demand levels of compliance and maturity among employees that is not demanded at NYCB. A single employee who decides that his right to go to a bar or gather with friends for a good time supersedes the health and well-being of everyone in the company will imperil everyone. I'd hate to think that there is anyone who would feel empowered by shutting down the entire operation, but one only need look so far as Instagram to get a sense that some don't care.

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