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January 07, 2022


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Total chimpmania on the NYCB website. As of an hour ago there are three new Opening Nights listed for 1/18,1/19, and 1/20.

Maybe somebody is monkeying with the website?

If so, I say, let the chimps run the place. I like their latest idea.

The chimps have now removed the "Opening Night" dates. Oh well, they were a nice thought. Now we're left with the thought of opening the Winter Season without a Balanchine ballet -- not something anyone likes to see, ever.

Hey Haglund, if you want to see Diamonds, the casting for Bolshoi in cinema's Jewels on January 23 was just released:

Emeralds: Anastasia Denisova, Evgenia Obraztsova, Ivan Alekeyev, Klim Efimov

Rubies: Maria Vinogradova, Elizaveta Kokoreva/Dmitry Smilevsky

Diamonds: Svetlana Zakharova, Jacopo Tissi

I'm most excited to see Zakharova in Diamonds since I do not believe she's danced it since 2011 (and based on your previous reviews, I think this will be a Bolshoi Diamonds with gaynors that will look arched).

Wow, thanks Zachary. Lots of people have been waiting for this casting.

I just got to see The Music Man, and Haglund is right - it's extraordinary, and I think the most outstanding dancing on any stage in New York right now. It's a classic musical best known for its music but here the dancing is the star. Go ahead and take out a second mortgage if you need to - you'll feel you got your money's worth and for best seats, try to buy before the (expected rave) reviews come out after opening night on Feb 10th.

So glad you were able to see it!! I plan to go back prior to opening night. You're right - it's worth taking a second mortgage to see but the tickets are fairly reasonable right now. They seem to use dynamic pricing; so, it's a good idea to check daily.

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