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February 02, 2022


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I love seeing all the changes happening...Where is Ashley Bouder in all of the moves? I don't see your articles what she is up to...
What are your thoughts on why Megan Lecrone hasn't been promoted? Is she being overlooked or is she well placed where she is...
Love Love Love your site.

Truly cannot wait for the Black Swan pdd with Nadon and Chan! it was such a delight to see them together in DGV.

Hi, Julianne.

I have no information on Ashley Bouder's absence other than I know she suffered some type of injury at the end of the fall season.

It's hard to say why any dancer has not been promoted. There are so many factors that play into those decisions that we, as fans, are never privy to. Megan is a gorgeous dancer and truly excels in the black & white repertory. I look forward to seeing her in 4Ts very soon.

Rachel, I agree. I saw Chan in Swan Lake at Houston Ballet with Yuriko Kajiya a few years back. Wonderful.

I believe both Bouder and Fairchild are injured. Fairchild posted on her IG just yesterday that she reinjured a previously herniated disc between the physical demands of ballet and young infant twins.

Hopefully they both heal well, but I'm happy to see some new faces in some roles!!

Thanks for the update, Steph.

Truthfully, I have not missed Bouder. I think it's beyond time to see some fresher faces in her roles. Nadon's Odile is sure to be gorgeous!

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