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March 15, 2022


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The Kennedy Center Orchestra has been playing the Ukrainian anthem at the start of each ABT program this week. It was probably the highlight of the mixed-bill show that I attended on Wednesday…with Jessica Lang’s ZIGZAG being the absolute bottom of the tacky barrel on display. I can’t believe the depths to which the company has sunk, programming-wise. Really a shame & waste of the dancers’ talents and classical training. Jazz Night on the Potomac.

LOL. It makes one pine for the old days when they threw the Black Swan PdD and the Manon PdD on stage for filler.

Indeed they used to throw us a classical bone in the old days, Haglund. But that would defeat the WOKE purpose of the night’s designation as “ABT Forward,” LOL!


There will be no "Forward" at ABT until McKenzie and his sycophants are gone.

My BFF moved to NY the year before I did and went to the ballet quite often. One day I mentioned that I had never been to the ballet, but suspected I would like it if I did. I asked BFF to let me know next time she went to ABT and I would go with her. One day I got an excited phone call from BFF; she had found the perfect introduction to ballet program at ABT. First up was Three Virgins and a Devil with Sallie Wilson, Christine Sarry, Dennis Nahat et al. After the intermission came 2 pas des deux. I’ve forgotten what they were, but I suspect one was Don Q with Eleanor D’Antuono and Ted Kivett. The other pas was lyrical, a complete change of pace. After the second intermission, the evening finished Les Patineurs; Michael Smuin was spinning as the curtain came down and still spinning when the curtain came back up. I was hooked. Call me old-fashioned, but this is the kind of programming I want to see at ABT. More theater pieces, please, for a company that calls itself American Ballet Theatre.

When ABT does get a new A.D., do you think the programming will change if the current Board stays in place? Is the Board likely to change? Ellen's post brought back so many wonderful memories of seeing ABT in my younger days.

Really enjoyed Skylar's debut (opposite Herman) at the KC. The footage of Hurlin and Bell's debuts looked great also. Christine S, took her bows holding a Ukrainian flag which was quite a moving image.

Here’s a CBS TV report on last Saturday’s fundraising dance gala at Florence Gould Hall, NYC.


This war is beginning to drag on for far longer than I had expected. I keep waiting for a good fairy to click her heels and make it all go away.

I'm sure everyone was sent it via email, phone call, Insta, and smoke signal, but NYCB's 2022/2023 season was announced today!

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