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April 20, 2022


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H, After last night’s performance (4/22), I just dont know what to say anymore……
I hope you do.
Looking forward to your comments.

I left at the second intermission. I'm sorry to have to say this but the Tanowitz and Roberts dances looked like they had been made up in a high school girls' gym class. Pointless mediocrity bordering on fraud...

H, Ha! EXACTLY! I commented to my friend that they seemed like “My First Dance Project’s from a local community college Intro to Choreography class.
Ok for college, but damn, talk about wasting everyone’s time on the NYCB stage.

ITA. It's offensive that NYCB would try to sell this stuff to its audience. One doesn't win Michelin Stars by dumping mac & cheese on the plate.

Re: 4/22: Oh dear. I saw Bartok Ballet once and hated it so much that I decided to never watch another Tanowitz and have skipped Bartok Ballet every time it's been on the program with other things I've wanted to see. I am so busy this month that I haven't been to see NYCB yet, but I've been curious how the new Tanowitz was—namely, if it was as bad as Bartok Ballet. What an awful trend at NYCB, not to mention the larger ballet world.

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