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April 23, 2022


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Loved it! These Balanchine-Robbins programs to beautiful classical music, are returning us to a better world. No sneakers - no rap - no crap. Let’s savor such programs while they’re still available.

Spot on review, Haglund.

I really enjoyed both the Serenade and Goldberg casts so much that I went back Saturday for the matinee to watch them again.

Miriam Miller was a terrific Dark Angel. The pas de trois between she, Taylor Stanley and Sara Mearns was quite wonderful and maybe more moving than I remember it being in some time.

The Serenade and Goldberg leotard/skirt costumes are indeed not forgiving.......

I thought Indiana Woodward and Chun Wai Chan were outstanding in Goldberg as was the guy who danced in the Olive Green who I apologize for not being able to identify. Really, though I thought the Saturday production of Goldberg was great. I usually feel it gets a bit long in the tooth, but truly it flew by on Saturday. Extra gold stars for Susan Walters and her pink patent leather shoes ;)

Yes, Susan's fabulous pink shoes made my own toes shimmy.

Glad that you mentioned Amar, Haglund. Wow, was he terrific leading the 3rd movement of FOUR Ts last night!!! The audience really gave him the loudest bravos during his bows and during curtain calls with other principals. I loved how he sent the love back to the audience, placing hand to heart.

ITA, the audience absolutely loves Amar. Loved seeing the "celebrities" in the front row, such as Paloma who has been in town all week and needs something to do these days... How about a ballet school principal job or even AD?

"It’s easy to understand and appreciate how certain featured corps roles are handed out based on seniority. However, when dancers lose the requisite level of fitness, for whatever reason, they shouldn’t be spotlighted until they recover. There is no such thing as “pleasingly" plump in the NYCB corps de ballet."

I was having similar thoughts during the Saturday matinee about a particular member of the corps de ballet who also looked noticeably heavy during the winter season. I understand different body types (and certainly sympathize about how hard it is to say no to fattening food!) but it's not great for them or for us.

Perhaps contrary to how others may feel about themselves, I certainly do not EVER want to see my thighs and butt "represented" by any dancer on NYCB's stage. I don't want to think for a nanosecond that anyone with a physique similar to my own could ever legitimately be considered an NYCB dancer. The beauty of ballet depends much on the ability to project length and continuous line. Basketball depends on players who are tall. Professional running depends on runners who are narrow and suspiciously lean. There's nothing wrong with this. It doesn't prevent anyone with any type of body from participating in ballet, basketball or running as recreation. Professional level standards are another matter.

It’s not just corps. I have similar thoughts about a quickly-rising male soloist with short stubby lines who ruined for me an otherwise marvelous ALLEGRO BRILLANTE last week. I will try to avoid seeing him in princely classical roles in the future, no matter how great he dances. This is an aesthetic art and I vote with my wallet. If one chooses to ignore the unflattering leg lines, then more power to you. I had similar thoughts about Jock Soto years ago; different strokes for different folks.

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