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May 30, 2022


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I had a prior commitment scheduled at the same time as Amar's farewell performance. But by some miracle it got cancelled the day before-- giving me a chance to grab a ticket way up in the fourth ring. What a great celebration of a wonderful dancer.

Glad you were able to make it, Yukionna!

Yes, the house was packed and filled with love. Even Gia Kourlas showed up and was scribbling furiously during the ovation. Twenty years of unrequited attention is a lot for her to bear, I guess.

As people were parading onto the stage, several people in my area immediately recognized Zachary Catazaro. "Is that Zach?!" "It is!" "It's Zach!" People were very pleased to see him. I wish it could be worked out for him to return. And that would give Gia something new to fuss about.

Haglund, you always write meaningfully, beautifully and with gratitude. Long live your blog!

Thanks much, Eulalia.

Perhaps the last person to go out on the stage with a big bouquet was a shortish guy in a dark suit with maybe a t shirt, black hair. He looked familiar, but couldn't come up with a name. At first I thought it was Mark Morris, but I looked at a photo of Morris & realized he was much bigger and more grey, plus he doesn't dress like that. Do you know who this guy was? I thought I also saw Alexei Ratmansky standing in the line of well wishers at the back of the stage.

Yes, I saw Catazaro walk out on stage and thought it was nice he came to honor his friend. But have to say I don't much miss him, felt that though he was good looking he was overrated as a dancer, though admittedly he hadn't much time as a principal before he left.

Allie, I believe that the person who you spotted was Daniel Catanach, Amar's teacher/mentor.

I think Catazaro would be very useful at this point. The company needs another dancer who can lift the bigger ballerinas. I didn't care for the match up of Mearns with Chan and Tyler Angle is nearing the end of his career. Janzen's time is a question. That would leave a tall danseur like Walker to partner her. I think they would look ridiculous together just based on head size.

But we'll see how things go.

Thanks, yes, re Catazaro I can appreciate the need for a tall partner. Whatever happens, I hope Catazaro ends up someplace he's happy with.

I also liked Ramasar in the black and white ballets and can still remember the first time I saw him partner Sterling Hyltin in Symphony in Three Movements. Had been wanting to see that partnership in that work again but with all that happened over last 3 or 4 years it just never happened.

I am so happy to read that, after all that’s happened, Amar received a joyous and loving farewell! I will surely miss his artistry. Too bad that he won’t be in next week’s NYCB tour to the Kennedy Center/DC for one last hurrah.

I also find it hilarious that a certain Woke amateur blogger who screamed #MeToo for a long time did an about-face (Bachtracked?) to jump on the pro-Amar bandwagon at the last moment. Gotta love the fakes!

Such a wonderfully worded tribute to Amar. You always nail it in recognizing an exceptional artist who has given so much pleasure. Thank you for NOT acknowledging the nonsense of the warriors Gia and others who would try to take away from Amar's well deserved accolades with their whining "so over" politically correct crusades. I will miss him. I am hoping to view Amar's farewell on YOUTUBE. Thank you again for all of your right on mark and teachable crtiques.

My mistake. I read Catazaro performed with NYCB in Spoleto and didn't read that it was the little brother, not Zach.


Thanks for your wonderful review of the spring season, Haglund. I saw two of the Stravinsky programs and especially loved Apollo, Agon, and The Cage. I saw Furlan and Nadon for the first time, was impressed as always by Gordon, Hyltin, Huxley, Peck, and Phelan, and became a devotee of Woodward, to mention just a few favorites. I read somewhere that Zach Catazaro is now dancing in Cleveland Ballet, where dancers are not ranked but are called company Artists.

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