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May 06, 2022


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Your appreciation for the musicians in the pit is always so gratifying to see!


Couldn’t agree more with this post. Isabella was absolutely stunning and knocked it out of the park. And loved your recognition of Olivia, she was beautiful.

And she knocked it out of the park again tonight!

Isabella has been amazing! Truly wonderful to see her perform every night! And yes, thank you as always for your constant support of the orchestra!

Always my pleasure.


I saw this on Instagram, it’s a Mastercard promo that also generates funds for Stand Up To Cancer. Rehearsal of the pas from Firebird with Q&A on Fri 5/21 during the workday at 10am. $30 tickets. Casting isn’t identified.

Liv, thanks much for this link!

I noted that tickets (only $30) must be purchased by 5/18. As you indicated, no casting is identified; but since we only had one Firebird this year, chances are good that she will be Isabella LaFreniere.

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