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June 16, 2022


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Glad to see your review, Haglund. I largely agree. Skylar was technically great, but my pals and I all felt she lacked just a little spice. I'm sure that will come in time. Guess I was so blown away by her Giselle in Oct. I expected more -- but then again, they are 2 different roles. She was lovely in the dream scene, as was Trenary (who I thought was also great as Mercedes). Sorry, but Gabe doesn't do a thing for me -- he seemed to get lost in his cape. The gypsy guy was astonishing and I can't wait to see what's next for him (but will ABT FINALLY lose those awful bad-80s-metal-band costumes for the other gypsy boys?) One of the reasons I bought tickets to this perf was to see Herman, because I'm sure he's winding down. He did seem to up his game in the gypsy scene as the audience went wild for the gypsy boy -- but his Act 3 dancing (like the entrance cabrioles) didn't get the kind of audience reaction I once recall. Still, he has great presence which the ABT men need way more of. One thing we noticed during curtain calls: too many people holding up phones instead of clapping. This seems unbelievably rude. I wish there would be an announcement asking the audience to provide the company the courtesy of their applause; it only seems right.

Haglund, what a welcome antidote to the whining and carping in the so-called paper of record! We are seeing Brandt and Cornejo Saturday afternoon and our anticipation is off the charts. Yesterday afternoon's Simkin and Boylston were sensational. Among the others, Léa Fleytoux's Amour and Jonathan Klein's Gypsy struck me as particularly eloquent. La Marche did Minkus and the dancers proud--the orchestra was in excellent form.

Oh yes, Jonathan Klein is another one withering on the vine. He would be a wonderfully entertaining Basilio right now.

Can't wait for the repeat treat of Skylar and Herman on Saturday. Saw the NYC debut of Hurlin as Kitri yesterday, having missed her in DC. I think the Met stage is still on fire from her blazing fouettés which she actually mostly kept to the beat of the music while playing with her fan and some triple turns in there. I thought she was sensational (and brought both spit curls and red lips!)

Too bad this isn't the review in the NYT. What the hell is going on with Gia K?

Spit brings NYT more clicks than sugar.

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