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July 02, 2022


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I was at both performances and appreciated their high standard as well. However, I disagree about Calvin - I thought he brought a great deal of well-thought-out emotional depth to the character. I was moved by it.

Haglund:Sorry, off topic but I just noticed ABT has changed casting for T&V performances next week. I was really looking forward to seeing Shevchenko & Bell in it on the 7th. They have now been moved to the 8th, with Teuscher and Ahn performing the 7th (as well as on the 9th, Kevin McKenzie night). My first reaction was to try to switch, but then thought maybe there's a good reason for this -- doesn't look like anyone is injured. Do you have any thoughts on this?

Wow. Thanks for the heads up. I assume that the shuffle has to do with Stearns not being able to make it back which means all the other casting in Zig-Zag and Single Eye has to be shuffled.

That said, I don't think that you can go wrong with Teuscher and Ahn in T&V.

I see that Camargo has picked up Stearns' performances in R&J.

Thanks, Haglund.

Another terrific show today. Lively 4th of July crowd in the house.

Royal, Ishchuk and Sumatani (Benno) all had much stronger performances than last week's debuts. Would have to say that Ishchuk hit the ball out of the park with his second Von Rothbart. He was into it, so to speak.

Christine Shevchenko as Odette/Odile encountered no problems today. Her Odette was a heart breaker. We believed her and felt for her. Odile is 110% technically secure but the character is still a work in progress. Odile is not Myrta. Odile is evil whereas Myrta is wounded and acting out. Myrta's throw of the chin doesn't work for Odile who needs to sneer and spit.

What a tremendous asset to Act I Ruben Martin has become. His Wolfgang is the most lively tutor we've seen since Frederic Franklin. He's just terrific.

The company is getting lots of (new) young audience, apparently through social media advertising and discounting. It's become somewhat obvious with all the enthusiastic applause in places where it's not called for by the music. But it's encouraging.

There seemed to be groups of ballet students who thought they were at YAGP finals, but that's okay. Better than having empty seats.

My pearl clutching dissolved into bemusement. It was really nice to once again experience that kind of frisson. We were in orchestra K and there was an adorable little group off to the side. God…to be that age again!

Haglund, attending the grand double header of redhead Swan Queens today. I had to double check at intermission of the matinee but sure enough those entresixes I saw were indeed those of Breanne Granlund (from your review). The whole pas de trois was wonderful this afternoon. Cate Hurlin's debut made me anxious for more!

Great to hear. It seems like today might end up being the official Saturday of "out with one redhead O/O and in with another". Let's hope that Hurlin continues to develop classically in SL and all of her roles.

I also attended yesterday's double header of redhead Swan Queens. Loved both performances. In the evening, Jarod Curley impressed as purple Rothbart. His evil but charming grin and strong technique (nailed the arabesque balance) reminded me of the great Marcelo Gomes in this role.

When I saw Curley earlier in the week as VR, I thought that he was a combination of Gomes and Ed Watson in full Crown Prince Rudolf mode -- too dangerous for me to sit close to the stage.

Thanks to the reader who noted yesterday that Bell & Shevchenko have been replaced in T&V. Herman and Skylar will run two consecutive laps on Friday & Sat Matinee.

Sorry to have missed “the Hurricane’s” O/O debut, which seems to have been a hit, by all accounts! 🥳 I’ll be on the lookout for a repeat, somewhere on tour or at the Met next year. Darn work got in the way this time. Grrr.

Curious about who’ll be dancing T&V on Sat night? Still Teuscher/Ahn, as on Thurs (tonight)? Whoever - looking forward to reports.

At this moment, the T&V casting is Teuscher/Ahn, Brandt/Cornejo, Brandt/Cornejo, and Teuscher/Ahn.

Sad to say, I couldn't get to Hurlin's O/O debut but saw Shevchenko's O/O twice and Boylston's once. Both were thrilling in different ways. My spouse said Boylston's Odette keenly remembered she once was a human princess; Shevchenko's was wilder, her memories of having been human cloudier. In any event, their takes speak to the greatness of "Swan Lake" and the range of interpretation it supports. To paraphrase Haglund's memorable observation, it's dangerous to sit close to the stage when Curley's Purple Rothbart takes it over. I agree with Jennifer that Curley was Gomesian in the part--grateful praise! Of the Neapolitan dancers, I thought Klein and Pogossian were the best matched and most together: Bravura for days! How sad for us the season has but a week and half to go--it seems like it's just getting started!

Thanks, Eulalia.

I, too, had to miss Hurlin's debut, but something tells me that she and Ahn will continue to make a good pair. They came into the corps at the same time and have the same ability to go for broke. I don't know what has happened to Ahn this season, but previously having seen his Ali and Albrecht I know that his preference is for risk-taking and for reaching for the next level. Hopefully, we will see that in T&V tonight!!! And SPEED!!!

The Hurlin O/O debut was indeed a treat. I was impressed how much character she had imbued each of Odette and Odile. Her Odette was cautious, like she had gotten her hopes up before and had them dashed. She'd make motions as though she was opening herself up to Sigfried only to recoil slightly as he took the previously invited step towards her. As Act II went along, her Odette relaxed and gave into the beautiful steps. Her extension is really beautiful and her port de bras is wonderful. Her Act IV Odette was one of the better I remember in recent history. She really showed her disappointment in Sigfried and her devastation at the thought of being doomed to her swan form forever.

Her Odile was slippery as a snake and there was such chemistry between she and Gabe Stone Shayer as he whispered his nefarious instructions into her ear. Odile had Sigfried eating out of the palm of her hand! She accomplished the 32 fouettes though not with the doubles and triples she added to her Kitri and she also was just a bit off the music (which is not unusual as we all know). The facial expressions and glances were not those of a novice.

I will seek out her O/O in the future for sure.

Thanks much, Rachel. Sounds like we have another authentic O/O to treasure for years to come.

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