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October 02, 2022


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When I was at the theater this afternoon for NYCB I picked up a ticket for Paul Taylor on Nov 12 (and the tix are very reasonably priced). What caught my eye in the brochure I received yesterday was that in addition to doing Arden Court and The Green Table on that program, they are also doing The Hours, Philip Glass's score for the movie of the same name. I know I saw that movie, but do not recall the music. Oddly enough, I heard the music just the other day while listening to BBC Radio 3 and thought myself gee I'd like to hear that again sometime. At first I was confused as I did not realize someone had choreographed to that music.But then I figured out that this is a program, like the one with Rhapsody in Blue, where "Act II"is just for the orchestra (in this case the Orchestra of St Lukes). Am really looking forward to this program

Hi, Allie. Yes, aren't the ticket prices like oxygen to choking lungs? Of course, the "service" fee per ticket is fairly outrageous. Isn't it about time that some consumer advocate demanded an audit investigation of the service and facility fees charged by this venue which is owned by the city? Where exactly does that money go, and what "services" are being provided for $8 per ticket?

Conrad Tao played a masterful and passionate Rhapsody in Blue in Damrosch Park with the Mostly Mozart Orchestra during the summer. I thought that Louis Langrée was going to lose it right there on the podium. What a treat it will be to hear him play on the stage at Taylor!! Orchestra of St. Luke's is fabulous, and David LaMarche conducting will make it even more so.

Taylor is also doing a one nighter devoted to Alex Katz's design collaborations with Paul Taylor over the decades.

And don't miss Paul Taylor's very funny Gossamer Gallants -- whose not-so-little wings will be particularly relatable after a summer of Spotted Lanternflies.

A very imaginative season put together by the Taylor folks.

Hi, Haglund: All I have to say regarding the fees is that if I were the consumer advocate I would require that all ticket prices in NYC be stated as total, including fees for any internet order. Fees could not be added later. If a venue wanted to give a discount for buying at box office, fine, but publicly advertised prices must already include all fees for a typical internet order.

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