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October 03, 2022


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Haglund: I can't remember all the details, but I believe ALL tickets for one night -- maybe opening night -- are $10. I'm not sure, but I think these particular tix go on sale on a special date and one may have to go to the box office to get them, so not available online. I wasn't really interested in that performance so didn't pay close attention to the details, but was extremely happy to get a first ring, row A side ticket for another performance for $30.

Thanks much!

Probably in poor taste but I watched what I believe is the video of the full performance shown in the screenshot here and found 'death' terribly sexy!

lol, true.


You have not preached in vain. I have been to nothing (no dance, opera, or movies) in 2 1/2 years, but the lure of The Green Table has proven to be impossible to resist. Even with service fees, the price for something of this import is quite reasonable.

Thanks for continuing to keep us informed about important dance happenings in NY.


Great!! Glad to hear you are going. At last night's ABT gala, I believe I saw Christian Holder, who danced the character Death for the Joffrey for quite a while, in the audience along with choreographer Margo Sappington. Holder still sings & dances, and is a costume designer and a fabulous artist. You can see some of his paintings on Campbells of London's website:



How well I remember Holder’s Death; Holder was such an implacable force in that role. I also saw Zhurbin’s Death at ABT and it made for an interesting comparison. With Holder it was that force and those stamping, stamping feet. With Zhurbin I saw something I never noticed with Holder: that there was more choreography for Death than just the stamping feet. Two different but valid interpretations; I saw Holder many times in the role and Zhurbin only once and yet I remember both equally. I’m looking forward to seeing what yet another company and dancer bring to the role.


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