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November 16, 2022


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ABT has announced its 4-week Met Season. They'll be debuting Like Water for Chocolate which was a co-production with the Royal Ballet. Casting isn't out for that one yet, but they've announced casting for R&J, Swan Lake, and Giselle which will round out the season. I had thought MC was returning for the 2023 season, but she's not scheduled as yet to dance in anything. Excited for a twofer Swan Lake on 7/12 with Murphy in the morning and Hurlin in the evening and for a double Giselle with a Hurlin matinee and Brandt evening.

It's actually 4½ weeks - they are doing 4 LWFC during Week 1, and 8 more during Week 2. It was originally going to be 5 weeks (with OLAR returning for a week) but apparently they need a few days of stage time to set up the new production, which they're obviously banking on with 12 performances. (At least it makes the subscription model easier.)

Thanks for the insight, Solor, because many were wondering what the heck happened to OLAR. What a disappointment that it was cut. It's been a while since we've had a season without a Ratmansky ballet. I hope that isn't an indication of a cooling off.

I noticed that there is no performance on Monday, July 17th. They couldn't possibly need an extra day to prepare for the week of R&J after performing it for nearly 40 years. Any idea what the issue is there?

Very safe programming although I can never get enough R & J

lol, you will get a big dose of R&J in DC in February. However, the KC season's excitement might be provided by Yuri Possokhov's Anna Karenina from the Joffrey. Helen Picket's The Crucible from Scottish Ballet sounds interesting and brave. NYCB's extraordinary ballet by Angelin Preljocaj, Spectral Evidence, is on the same theme but the company mothballed it after some Wokeish whining.

In that vein, oh how I wish to see Fall River Legend at ABT again. Where did all the De Mille go??

I really hope LWFC is an outstanding ballet if it's changing the season from 5 to 4.5 weeks...

Personally, I'd rather see another run of Don Quixote than another Romeo and Juliet at the Met. Ideally, Bayadere or Coppelia could be revived, but overall I am very excited for Giselle and I recognized that Swan Lake is a necessary staple.

However, I'm so excited for Nutcracker. There's nothing like seeing the magic of Tchaikovsky and Balanchine wash over what's a lot of people's first ballet.

It would be great if ABT can bring Coppelia or Sylvia to the State Theater next year. Okay maybe the stage will be too crowded for the 3rd act of Sylvia but they will find a way to squeeze everyone in..... La Fille Mal Gardee is another candidate. How about Cinderella? Now I'm starting to sound like a big Ashton fan(which I am) I know it involves licensing issues etc but one can only hope...

Those are all fabulous candidates, Tulle, and I would stuff the ballot box for Ashton's Cinderella. I would also add Ratmansky's Of Love And Rage to the list.

NYC is supposed to be the cultural capital of America, so why is it that D.C gets so many top ballet companies to perform there? Before the war they had both the Bolshoi and the Mariinsky almost every other year. When was the last time a top European company came to New York? I think I’ve seen Romeo & Juliet and Swan Lake about ten times each. I am looking forward to LWFC.

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