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November 07, 2022


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You may have outdone yourself with this shoe choice. Bravo

Thank you!

Tao's performance was a bit over the top - fun to experience, but distorted the essence of the piece. I would have preferred Wild to wild.

lol, Solor.

Tao is known for improvising, and I think improvisation is in the spirit of Rhapsody. Gershwin hadn't even written down the piano notes when he had to perform it the first time. He ended up improvising his own piece.

Here's a video of Tao playing Rhapsody to Caleb Teicher's tap dancing with improvisation from both:


The Sunday matinee crowd, which seemed to have more senior folks than the smaller Tuesday night crowd, appreciated Tao's performance a bit more. On Tuesday, the generous applause died down more quickly and it appears that we may have lost the opportunity for some type of encore. LaMarche stayed on the podium readying the orchestra and seemingly waiting for Tao to return. But then the curtain came down.

Too bad there was no encore on Tuesday - I would have loved to hear what he would have done with Clair de Lune or Prelude in C Sharp Minor!

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