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January 21, 2023


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I really missed seeing Sara Mearns in Walpurgisnacht. For me that has been one of her best roles. I know Emilie Gerrity was just filling in for her, maybe had limited rehearsal time,etc, and though her performance was fine, she was no Mearns (or Reichlen for that matter), at least not yet.Maybe later. For me the star of that work tonight was Erica Pereira. I also enjoyed Claire von Enck (and Baily Jones). I think both von Enck sisters are terrific and would like to see more of them.

True that Gerrity is no Mearns. Farrell was no Kirkland. Nichols was no Farrell. Verdy was no Kent. Martins was no d'Amboise. d'Amboise was no Villella. I thought Emilie's dancing was stunningly beautiful tonight.

I totally agree about Erica Pereira. Her casting this first week has been perfect.

Overall, another fantastic performance tonight, and this afternoon as well.

Went to this program last night and absolutely loved it. I was lucky to be in the Third Ring seemingly surrounded by real ballet lovers. Lots of bravos, lots of interesting conversations during intermissions, and lots of beautiful ballet.

I have been very excited about some of the talent coming up. But yesterday made me more aware that it sometimes takes more than raw talent and enthusiasm -- like maybe a couple years' experience -- to produce some of the most memorable performances.

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