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February 02, 2023


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Thanks for a nothing if not entertaining review ( on many levels).. and a special 🌟for mentioning my "Favorite lucky Pig" that I have "high-fived" while passing...for years 😉

Thanks, Jennifer.

I hope I didn't insult the pig by calling him "the pig" but I honestly couldn't remember his given-name or surname. (It's not Rudy.) Someday I'll have to drop in there and ask.

Thanks for the reports…and your candid photos, Haglund. Oh, that Hat Wearer, LOL!

Now I don’t feel so bad about missing the new Peck. He seems to favor groups in simple dance wear. A lot of typical looks and formations, judging by photos in other reviews.

Have you seen the other new work that premiered this season - by Ms Jinakunwiphat? Maybe that one was better than the Peck?

Have not yet seen the Jinakunwiphat piece. I intended to see the premiere, but it was preceded by Ratmansky's "Voices" which literally drove me out of the theater that evening. I don't care what he was trying to "say"; neither the dance nor the theater aspects of it worked.

H, The ‘T’ word aside, (T for traitor, that is) an adult, wearing a baseball cap, with a ‘message’ , in a theater, (one not showing movies) after 6, just says ‘Classy’ to me. And an adult woman labeling herself ‘Girl’ is desperate. But to give her a break, perhaps she was confused and thought this was her local Cineplex, and was just asking around where she could get a extra large tub of popcorn.

The pig's name is Baron Von Swine.

OMG! Given, middle, and surname. Thank you so much!

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