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February 20, 2023


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Thank you for mentioning Ms. Gregory's Rose Adagio, Haglund. I watch it every so often. Among other things, it is a master class in how a dancer supposedly so wrong for this role gives one of the greatest performances of it ever. That's artistry.

Thank you for this clip, Hagland. What a treat! I was fortunate to see Gregory dance throughout almost all of her career, and I agree that her Sleeping Beauty and Van Hamel's were just incredibly beautiful and right on target technically. An aside, I also saw Cynthia Gregory in Don Quixote partnered with Bujones at a Chicago performance that brought the house into a genuine and spontaneous standing ovation, in the days that those were rare and well-deserved. In early 2016 she visited the Kansas City Ballet to coach the dancers for Swan Lake. I was fortunate to meet her and have a nice conversation about ballet. What a gift!

There will never be another dancer like Cynthia Gregory. Note to the Russian ballerinas: the balances in SB's Rose Adagio matter. You all should take a peek at this clip to see how it's done.

I love that she had the presence of mind to kick the flower out of the way before going up in the lift.

I remember her farewell performance at ABT where she did the Rose Adagio and with a flick of her hand motioned the last price to let her continue to balance on point for another few seconds. (Not quite as good as the legendary Grand Pas Cigarette, of course.)

Is anyone on the East Coast planning to see the Philadelphia Ballet's Sleeping Beauty starting next week?

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