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April 17, 2023


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Finally, finally, FINALLY!!!!! What a return to form for NYCB. <3 <3 <3

I'm overjoyed. RIP my bank account.

True what you say about "return to form"!!!

I wonder why the opening night of Jewels isn't available to add to a Flex Package.

I am so excited for Jewels - I haven't seen it since the 2017 Lincoln Center Festival! I can't wait to see who will debut in principal roles, especially for the Rubies PDD now that Sterling has retired.

With you, NS - totally can't wait!

OH MY! NYCB take all of my money. What a fantastically programmed season. I hope it brings some new fans to NYCB - they've done a great job pairing super well known works with some more rarely performed ones. Cheers to Stafford and Whelan!

Hey Haglund, lurker here. I’m not sure where you sit, but the extremely reasonable $38 seats are gone. Lowest priced tickets are now $73, DOUBLING subscription prices.

RK, they're trying to shoehorn subscribers into the more expensive seats. They're trying to do away with subs in the 3rd ring and force everyone into a higher price bracket. The only people who get the 3rd ring subs are those who are renewing. This, too, will fail. People will just wait until the single tickets go on sale.

Right, and it’s even worse than that. You can’t transfer a flex sub (I have had multiple ones for years) to the third ring. Second ring D, my area forever doesn’t exist anymore. Any insight about what will happen to Fourth Ring Society, almost eliminated, now Society NYCB? I bet that is going away too.

Coming from out of town the exchange privileges with a subscription are valuable.

Most offensive about this is that there was no heads-up, no email announcing this sea-change, apparently an assumption that we will all play ball.

I see no reason for them to eliminate 4th Ring Society. There aren't many of us left, and it would certainly create more ill will than dollars if they did. Their goal still is to fill the seats. Last night I sat in the orchestra next to two non-SAB ballet students who were comped tickets. Which is the better financial decision: give a discount to the loyal senior or a freebie to a kid?

Both. Fill the seats. Build the audience. Program beautifully. Well, at least they did that part!

I sure hope you are right about 4RS. That membership is like season tickets at Yankee Stadium. You just don’t give it up.

True what you say.

RK: Though I am not planning to subscribe, I looked quickly at subscription prices last night and thought there seemed to be a big increase per ticket. I am an old 4th Ring Society/Society NYCB member and though I have kept that membership, for past couple of seasons, since COVID, esp since they dropped mask requirement,was buying the $38 seats as I could guarantee myself an end of row seat that way (that is, person sitting on only one side me, could exit quickly if I wanted to). Also got 2d ring seats where I not only didn't have someone on one side of me but, depending on row, might not have someone in front of or behind me. I found them to be excellent value. Will have to go back to my Society seats, if they continue that. My understanding is they have experienced big growth in younger (20s, 30s) audience, so maybe that influences this decision.

RK: One other thing: there may still be good value seats in the 3d ring. Hard to tell. But those far side seats in the 2d ring at $38 are also in the 3d ring. They haven't taken subscriptions in the 3d ring since the big changes of about 10-12 years ago. At that time people who were subscribing in the 3d ring were outraged. NYCB agreed to grandfather them, but the prices on some of the seats went from $50 to $100 or so if they wanted to keep them. Until those changes the whole house was on sale from the beginning, in all sections. Since then they only open the 3d and then 4th rings once just about everything else is sold out. I have been there on nights when both the 3d and 4th rings were closed. Usually, however, the 3d ring opens a couple weeks before the performance. Fourth ring usually only opens for story ballets or big events like departure of important dancer. I have also seen times when they opened only rows A and B of 4th ring. Since they are not taking subscriptions in 3d ring we won't know cost of those seats (or 4th ring seats) until single tix go on sale in August, possibly later, but I would be surprised if they doubled in price.

Sometimes I laugh when I look at all this modern ticketing hocus pocus. When that theater opened I believe you could get seats for %2.50 or something similarly low. Balanchine apparently took pride in that -- ballet for everyone! -- and went around talking about it and telling people if they didn't like the dancing they could close their eyes and just listen to the music because they had a full symphony orchestra.How times have changed. So much for honoring the spirit of Balanchine.

When I first joined the "Society" i (I think it may have been its last year) t was still the 4th Ring Society and I sat in the fourth ring and was perfectly happy. So can always go back there IF they will open it up.

Thanks Allie. I had a phone conversation with a very helpful woman at NYCB customer service. The upshot is I am renewing my 6 performance flex subscription. I will also rejoin Society NYCB (formerly known as Fourth Ring Society) for as long as they continue it. Between the exchange and additional ticket privileges and Society I should be all set for what will be a phenomenal season. I remain disappointed at the lack of transparency in the rollout and in the huge price increase (doubled!) that is going along with my seats no longer being available. I liked my seats just fine and would have been pleased to pay a reasonable increase to keep them. I also love sitting in the third and fourth rings. I don’t especially like the orchestra because I am short. Anyway NYCB is a cornerstone of my universe and I can’t imagine my life without this company in it.

My lease runs out in June, and I purposely found an apartment by Lincoln Center just so I could go to NYCB every night. My bank account will hate me for it, but I DON'T CARE!

Your bank account may hate you, but your life will love you for being able to walk home after the performances -- a true luxury.

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