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April 29, 2023


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I wish I could see footage of Dominika Afanasenkov’s debut, she looked so ethereal and had such great chemistry with Christopher Grant in the video promos they did for Afternoon of a Faun. I have yet to see Chun Wai Chan live but it seems like all the ballerinas rave about how supportive he is as a partner!

Yes, I thought that Isabella LaFreniere was simply stunning in Raymonda Variations. A high bar for me in that in my mind's eye I will always see — no matter who is dancing — Kyra Nichols in that role. LaFreniere danced with such volume, such musicality, such — dare I say it? — grandeur that I was entirely swept away by that gorgeous ballet. Wow. Now I want to see her in everything.

I must respectfully disagree about "Namouna." Saw it years ago and again on Saturday evening. It shows what I love about Ratmansky - his sense of humor, respect for both classical norms and Balanchine, and his incredible musicality.

Boy, I wish NYCB would just get some head shots done. It would make it much easier to identify corps members. After Haglund recently mentioned Lauren Collett I tried to find out what she looked like. No head shot. So had to go looking for her social media accounts to see what she looked like.I did finally figure that out. Thought she was great in Concerto Barocco and again today in Donizetti (along with Claire von Enck and Alexa Maxwell). Seems like it's been years since NYCB posted photos of the younger dancers.

Actually, it was Square Dance in which I saw Collett, Maxwell and Von Enck, not Donizetti. I so enjoyed seeing Square Dance again. I think it had been years since I last saw it.

Reporting from the Midwest to say that I saw ABT's Giselle in Lincoln, Nebraska last night and it was a lovely performance. Catherine Hurlin was magnificent with beautiful line, glorious turns and everything else. I thought the whole cast danced well, and I enjoyed seeing many newer dancers I hadn't seen before. I applaud whomever the first Wili on stage was who had the most beautiful bourrées that seemed to float across the length of the stage, truly ethereal. I hope ABT will tour again in the Midwest with a full-length ballet and such excellent casts. I will be there!

Thanks for the report, Georgiann! First Wili out may have been Katherine Williams as Myrta. She is exceptional in the role.

Thanks, Haglund! Katherine WIlliams was an awesome Myrta! I'm so happy to have seen her dance.

The Segerstrom Center here in Orange county, CA has just booked the Ukranian Ballet for 4 nights in late June. It's the same Ratmansky Giselle that was premiered at the kennedy Center back in Feb. This is a real treat since we get so little classical ballet. I've already got my ticket.

Sounds great!!! Please report back.

I saw this company at the Kennedy Center. You will not be disappointed!

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