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May 11, 2023


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thank you Haglund for affirming my unstudied opinion. I was there tues night. First off, I was totally distracted by the length of time the scrim was down. Then, although I loved the backdrop, I did not like the costumes for tje reason you mentioned.
Regarding the music: though it was lovely, I kept thinking it was the score to a Douglass Sirk movie. I could close my eyes and listen to that alone but putting it together with the choreography was a disconnect and disturbed me.
Standard deviation is what you said. Lol the fouettes!
But my biggest complaint was following it all up with "the times are racing"
This was the third ballet of the night that began in a huddle.What is up with that?? The music and the bland choreography was too much and I left within 5 minutes. That's one of the only times I can remember wanting to bolt. Never again!

Mtm -- I think Wheeldon has evolved so far as a storyteller that it may be too hard to go back to making "abstract" ballets. He certainly should have stayed away from famous story ballet music as an inspiration for an abstract dance. I'm truly looking forward to seeing his latest story ballet Like Water For Chocolate next month at ABT.

Mtm: I have heard that, when NYCB first moved into the State Theater, Balanchine tried to encourage potential ballet goers by pointing out the "popular prices" and reminding people they had a full symphony orchestra and if people didn't like the ballet they could just close their eyes and enjoy the music! Couldn't help think of that when I read your post.

I truly do not understand the fad of new choreography always starting with a group of dancers in a big cluster. It's not interesting. It's not unique. I can appreciate that it's difficult to create something truly original, especially when coming off the tails of a genius like Balanchine. But please, please, stop clumping dancers together and calling it ballet.

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