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August 28, 2023


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I wonder when promotions will be announced. They are certainly featuring Roxander this fall. Loved him as Mercutio.

Don't know, Jennifer. It's hard to judge how Susan Jaffe is going to make her decisions, especially whether they will be made based on merit or other socio-political reasons. Over the past decades, we've seen many instances of "FtF" - Featured then Forgotten - at ABT. One of the most heartbreaking examples was Joseph Phillips who had a similar physique to Roxander but with much cleaner classical lines. And the ABT soloist ranks have always been loaded with FtF. Among the most inexplicable instances: Joaquin de Luz and Erica Cornejo. Hopefully, that degree of myopia has been cured with Jaffe's fresh lenses. Right now, there are a half dozen corpsmen who have already thrilled us in soloist & principal roles who should be recognized with promotions. Fewer women have had opportunities. I wonder just how long we're going to have to wait for Elisabeth Beyer who has been achieving principal "artist" performances since she was 14 years old.

"whether they will be made based on merit or other socio-political reasons"

We all know what the answer to this is. However, I see something significant occurring in the next 1-2 years that will cause a massive sea change in the way these things are being approached.

and that is ______?

"We all know what the answer to this is." A cheap shot. Why not wait and see?

Curious if you have any thoughts about the NYCB Orchestra labor issue? It's always been so nice how you recognize the quality of the music.
I wonder if Local 1 would cross a picket line if there is a strike. Might be moot if the dancers refuse to cross.
I was told by a member of the orchestra that the NYCB used taped music at the last musicians' strike...

Cannot believe this is happening again! The main media hasn’t mentioned it - that I recall. I suppose this is connected with the belt tightening at SAB last week with the cutting of Darla Hoover, Susan Pilarre, and Sheryl Ware. It’s hard to tell what the current state of the endowment is, but the company’s total assets are down by about $40 million from the previous year. I do think that it will be a very hard sell if the orchestra tries to use the pandemic a second time in its negotiations and public outreach.

You're right-- the West Side Rag has given it more coverage than anyone!
And yes, the orchestra is still vocal about the pandemic cutbacks.
We'll see soon...

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