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September 12, 2023


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I wondered why they’d have a book on a bunch of klunkers but now I see. Will have to look for it, Haglund. (Yes, I enjoyed Belles Lettres’ lilac outfits, too.)

I’m hoping that there also may be a book of essays on the ballets. I remember and have all of the wonderful books from the 25th and 50th anniversaries…Kirstein & Swope’s gorgeous “New York City Ballet” tome by Knopf in 1973, for ex. Or the more modest tomes, with essays, in 1997 (“NYCB: A Celebration in Photographs,” sponsored by Kodak.)

It's such a beautiful book that highlights the details of the costumes that we can't see from the audience. The woman's costume for Liam Scarlett's Funérailles by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen is literally an art piece.

Lol, forgot to mention how incredibly beautiful all the dancers are (Mearns, Miller, Staker, Boisson, Nadon, Bradley, Grant, Chan, Furlan, Garcia, Knight) but, really, everyone already knows that.

Though the Valentino costumes may have been great, I will never forget how unfortunate some of the shoe color choices were -- in particular, the bright red toe shoes that were so unflattering on one principal, her ankles in particular.

I will also never forget that was the week I saw Mr Valentino and a couple of his friends at an exhibition at the Met Museum.

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