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September 05, 2023


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"tootsie rolls". lol.

The moment I read the Jewels casting announcement I wondered,
“What’s H gonna say about THAT?”
Just hope the candy stays wrapped this year. 😉

Been waiting for you . . . lol.

CANT wait for your reviews to come out, H! Gonna be a fun season.

Will do my best. Here's hoping that nothing unravels to spoil it -- speaking, of course, about union negotiations. (Hold the seam-splitting laughter.)

H, LOL! I will be waiting on (safety) pins and needles.

Oh dear... oh dear me... D:

In order to avoid a repeat of 2019 when she busted out of the side seam of her Emeralds tutu, perhaps she should dance with her tutu unhooked in the back.

Our family happens to be in NYC the first week in October and have grabbed tickets for the 10/4 show. My husband and sons are anxiously awaiting casting.

Oh my, Haglund. I would love video documentation…but your words will be enough. :)

It also would be great to read reports on the Jewels opener on Sept 19, which is supposed to be Alumni Night. Are they going to bunch them all on stage, for a special Diamonds finale?

Stephanie, you picked a fabulous program!

Jeannette, no word yet on any plans for opening night. Hope they save the speeches for the rip-off program they have planned for the gala on Oct 5th ("excerpts" from Who Cares? and Glass Pieces -- that's it.) Just get to the dancing.

Haglund, to me it’s all about October 11 - the 75th Anniv, reproducing the first NYCB program: Concerto Barocco, Orpheus and Symphony in C. Isn’t Ruth Gilbert - the original 1948 “2nd girl” in Concerto Barocco - one of the three remaining dancers from the first NYCB company (along w Barbara Walczak and Myrna Galle)? It would be very cool if Ruth Gilbert could be in attendance for a bow.

Gross. Mr.B would be embarrassed.

Link to article on the three seniors: https://www.nytimes.com/2023/09/09/arts/dance/new-york-city-ballet-dancers-1948.html

I’ll applaud them in the auditorium, lobby, etc. To disrespect them or use the word “gross” is to be a Poison Ivy.

Even at the apex of her career, Bouder wasn't a good fit for Emeralds.

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