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October 18, 2023


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I saw probably 10 shows this season, including Opening Night, Closing Night, and October 11. What a season! The Company is truly forming a new chapter. The roster is up to 94 dancers; I counted. We've seen a big shake-up in who is cast. As much as I adored the Sterling, she was first cast in so many roles (all deserving!). Now she's gone, and it's just opened up the floodgates. Same with roles for the taller ladies. It's just FUN time to be a fan of NYCB. A lot of positivity, and that will only increase once Bouder leaves, taking her poisonous disposition with her.

I read somewhere last year that some of the younger dancers had been asking for more exposure to more of the Balanchine classics.

Although I didn't get to see as many performances as I had hoped, I continued to enjoy India Bradley.And I was quite taken with the mysterious Mackenzie Bernardino Soares. Such a name. I had no idea who he was until he swept onto the stage in something at the end of the season and I had took at my program to see who on earth that was.

I liked Emma Von Enck (and her partners) in just about everything I saw her in and in Diamonds Unity Phelan reminded me of Suzanne Farrell. I haven't yet warmed to some of the newer women principals, which I think is not unusual as it seems it can sometimes take a while for such dancers to get comfortable in their roles/establish themselves.

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