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January 25, 2024


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Thanks for this review Haglund. Glad to see you attending regularly again! Sounds like a marvelous night.

So happy to hear you sing the praises of Jacqueline Bologna. Her strong and elegant performances have caught my eye quite a few times. With City Ballet's deep bench, she hasn't had many opportunities to really shine in featured roles. I've long thought she was ready for bigger things. Hope she continues getting her chances and making the most of them.

Jackie arrived within quite a stellar cohort: Alexa Maxwell, Ashley Hod, Olivia MacKinnon, Isabella LaFreniere, Unity Phelan. It had to have been hard to get attention as a corps member back in 2013-2014 with all that talent percolating. Some of them are now just getting started with important roles. I think Jackie has a special sparkle on stage that makes it easy to pay attention to her. Hopefully more opportunities await her.

I'm so not a fan of Fancy Free. It makes me cringe watching it. It's like 40 minutes of mild sexual harassment. I really think it needs to be retired. There's not a woman in the audience not slightly disturbed by what's she's seeing on stage.

Thanks much, Kristen, for your comment.

I'm not sure how anyone can speak for all the women in the audience. Look at the applause and cheering from them! Fancy Free is not meant to represent or comply with today's behavior standards. It's a snapshot of a time 80+ years ago when the world was far different than now. I'm sure there are people who also try to apply presentism to Romeo & Juliet, Manon, and who cringe if Charlton Heston shows up on the screen in The Ten Commandments--the poor women were whipped, the horses were whipped, the men were whipped. Men & women alike flock to James Bond movies that feature sexist, misogynistic views of women. Why pick on ballet?

The Passerby with the Red Purse in Fancy Free has choices to make about how to portray her character. Maybe try to see another cast that makes different choices.

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