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January 26, 2024


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Alexa Maxwell and Ashley Hod were beautiful in Polyphonia yesterday afternoon. I also enjoyed Barber Violin Concerto more than I thought I would (I left before the last ballet).

Hoping to see In the Night this week, but I cannot get myself excited about a lot of these repertoire choices. I suppose I can dehydrate and sit through a Copland Episodes again...any recommendations for particularly good programs?

On another note, the Bolshoi just had a sold out run of "Raymonda" in Muscat, Oman. If audiences in the Gulf region are wanting to see Raymonda in its 19th century form, why do we not have a full length production anywhere in this country? Sultan Qaboos bin Said loved classical music and art and built a pretty opera house in Muscat - seems it was a worthwhile investment. People claim Raymonda is offensive, and indeed certain aspects may be, yet this past week seems to show that some with a microphone are speaking for audiences which refute their claims?

Great to hear about Alexa Maxwell's and Ashley Hod's success in Polyphonia. The piece demands beautiful, long limbs and those two certainly have them.

It seems this season has really been limited in repertory, unfortunately, with too many dates devoted to 2nd shelf work. With so many extraordinary artists at their disposal, it would seem NYCB could present a lot more substantive rep.

Oh Raymonda -- Great to hear about its success in Oman. And how about last year's success of Malakhov's La Bayadere in Asia? The problem with presenting those here is the all-American BPD that fosters Victim Mentality.

Alexa Maxwell has 4-5 debuts this season! It's great to see her featured more after 10 years in the Corps.

ITA, Mark -- would love to see Alexa tackle T&V, Ballo, Allegro Brillante, and any of the major petite allegro Balanchine roles sooner than later. We should not have to watch the same crew monopolize any Balanchine roles for 10-20 years unless they can continue to grow & enhance their performances with artistry, e.g., Tiler Peck.

Perhaps slightly off topic, but I chuckled a bit to see that the Spring season's "Classic NYCB I" program contains two brand new works. Seems a bit premature to call these debut works "classics" :)

I assume they meant it's "Class NYCB" insofar as we are carrying on the tradition of bringing in new works, but I laughed nonetheless.

Haglund - did you see any of the presentations of Tiler's first work for the company?

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