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January 21, 2024


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I wish they’d bring the full Coppelia back to NYCB. I don’t understand the absence— if the Chinese doll is the issue it’s an easily fixable one. If they’re not willing to even do the whole thing at Saratoga where it had its premiere is there any hope that they’d do it on the main stage this fall? Emma von Enck and Indiana Woodward would both be fantastic Swanhildas.

Hi, Lina.

I have a feeling that if NYCB is investing the time to put excerpts of Coppelia on stage in Saratoga this summer, it's a prep-period for the full production in the coming season. Fingers crossed.

Not at ALL surprising, but seems ABT dancers' union has authorized a strike. Will potentially impact their upcoming stint at the Kennedy Center.

I guess it's finally "hard ball" time.

ABT's Board should man-up about how they screwed up the response to the Met's reduction in their season. They seem to have just sat on their bejeweled hands.

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